Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Change monocypher git linkHEADmainrustra2021-04-05
* Merge branch 'specs' into 'main'pukkamustard2021-03-22
| * Add specsrustra2021-03-22
* ERIS.ReadCapability: fix behaviour of parse/1 when passed already parsed Read...pukkamustard2020-12-08
* ERIS.ReadCapability: add implementation of Inspect Protocolpukkamustard2020-12-05
* deps: use monocypher from inqlab.netpukkamustard2020-12-03
* ERISLargeTest: Test cases for the large content tests from the specificationpukkamustard2020-11-23
* ERIS.Decode: detect corruptionpukkamustard2020-11-17
* ERIS.Decode: gracefully handle a wrong keypukkamustard2020-11-17
* ERIS.ReadCapability: graceful error handling while parsingpukkamustard2020-11-17
* ERIS: decode/2 returns {:ok, data} when decoding succeedspukkamustard2020-11-17
* ERIS.Decode: gracefully handle error when retrieving block from BlockStorage.pukkamustard2020-11-17
* Add ERIS.encode_read_capability which returns read capabilitypukkamustard2020-11-10
* ERIS.ReadCapability (parse): catch errorpukkamustard2020-11-10
* Add reuse headers and files.pukkamustard2020-11-09
* Test using specification test vectors.pukkamustard2020-11-09
* Interface for decoding to binary.pukkamustard2020-11-09
* Implement decoding.pukkamustard2020-11-09
* Use pattern matching to chunk binary data into blockspukkamustard2020-11-09
* Implement ERIS encoding.pukkamustard2020-11-09
* initial commitpukkamustard2020-11-06