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mainspec: Add block size recommendationpukkamustard4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-27spec: Add block size recommendationHEADmainpukkamustard
2021-09-19spec: Link to eris and guile-eris repository on inqlab.net (instead of Gitlab)pukkamustard
2021-09-15spec: Cosmetic fix in pseudo codepukkamustard
2021-09-15spec: Add warning that specification is not yet stablepukkamustard
2021-09-12README: Add reference to mailing list and some other small changespukkamustard
2021-09-12Makefile: add username to deploy rulepukkamustard
2021-09-12spec: Add link to mailing listpukkamustard
2021-09-12spec: Cosmetic fix in list of implementations.pukkamustard
2021-09-12spec: Fix mistake and cosmetic irregularity in pseudo-code.pukkamustard
2021-09-02spec: Add spec-version field to test-vectors.pukkamustard