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* move specification to spec folder and build diagram with graphviz from Makefilepukkamustard2021-07-19
* remove Guile implementationpukkamustard2021-07-19
* (eris ipfs): Add interface to IPFS for storing and retrieving blocks.pukkamustard2021-03-27
* guix: update to guile-sodium release v0.1.0pukkamustard2020-12-01
* update to guile-sodium 0.1.0pukkamustard2020-11-30
* (tests eris large): encode large contentpukkamustard2020-10-29
* reuse: add some license infopukkamustard2020-10-28
* (tests eris): add test-vectors that test some interesting casespukkamustard2020-10-28
* (tests eris): use sodium's crypto-stream-chacha20-ietf as pseudo-randompukkamustard2020-10-27
* spec: GitLab pages + Makefile targetpukkamustard2020-10-21
* run hall initpukkamustard2020-10-21
* undo hall initpukkamustard2020-10-19
* add guile-hall and guile-json to guix.scmpukkamustard2020-10-06
* leaner guix.scmpukkamustard2020-08-30
* split of sodium bindings to separate librarypukkamustard2020-08-19
* guix.scm: use guile-rdf and guile-json from guixpukkamustard2020-08-19
* use reuse for license informationpukkamustard2020-08-18
* (eris cas ipfs): Use IPFS as a content-addressable storagepukkamustard2020-05-29
* use base32 instead of base64 for URNspukkamustard2020-05-25
* guix: fixespukkamustard2020-05-20
* add guile-rdf and guile-jsonldpukkamustard2020-05-16
* use libsodium instead of gcryptpukkamustard2020-04-23
* cas: basic content-addressable storagepukkamustard2020-04-23
* initial LevelDB bindingspukkamustard2020-04-21