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(eris) change encoding and decoding API and remove <block-storage>
Now encoding requires a SRFI-171 reduce that takes care of the blocks. This is straighforward enough (especially using rcons to get an alist) that the <block-storage> abstraction is no longer needed. Decoding now takes a 1-ary function `block-ref` to access blocks while decoding.
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@c %**start of header
@setfilename guile-eris.info
@documentencoding UTF-8
-@settitle Guile Eris Reference Manual
+@settitle Guile-ERIS Reference Manual
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@dircategory The Algorithmic Language Scheme
-* Guile Eris: (guile-eris).
+* Guile-ERIS: (guile-eris). Guile implementation of the Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage (ERIS)
@end direntry
-@title The Guile Eris Manual
+@title The Guile-ERIS Manual
@author pukkamustard
@@ -42,20 +42,34 @@ Edition @value{EDITION} @*
@c *********************************************************************
@node Top
-@top Guile Eris
+@top Guile-ERIS
-This document describes Guile Eris version @value{VERSION}.
+This document describes Guile-ERIS version @value{VERSION}.
-* Introduction:: Why Guile Eris?
+* Introduction:: About ERIS.
+* Encoding and Decoding:: Encoding and decoding content with ERIS.
+* Streaming Interface:: Encoding as transducing.
@end menu
@c *********************************************************************
@node Introduction
@chapter Introduction
+The Encoding for Robust Immutable Storage (ERIS) is an encoding of arbitrary content into a set of uniformly sized, encrypted and content-addressed blocks as well as a read capability. The content can be reassembled from the encrypted blocks only with this read capability. The read capability can be encoded as an URN allowing encoded content to be referenced from existing applications.
-This documentation is a stub.
+This manual documents the Guile implementation of ERIS.
+For more information on ERIS see the @url{http://purl.org/eris, specification}.
+@node Encoding and Decoding
+@chapter Encoding and Decoding
+@node Block Storage
+@section Block Storage
+@node Streaming Interface
+@chapter Streaming Interface