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@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ URN reference :: ERIS encoded content can be referrenced with a single URN (the
Storage efficiency :: ERIS can be used to encode small content (< 1 kibibyte) as well as large content (> many gibibyte) with reasonable storage overhead.
Simplicity :: The encoding should be as simple as possible in order to allow correct implementation on various platforms and in various languages.
+ERIS can be used to make content available robustly (against network failure or active censorship). ERIS is not suitable for encoding private, end-to-end encrypted communication. The encoding does not provide security properties required for such applications (e.g. forward secrecy). For end-to-end encryption see protocols such as https://otr.im/[OTR], OMEMO <<OMEMO>> or MLS <<MLS>> .
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