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authorMaxim Cournoyer <maxim.cournoyer@gmail.com>2021-01-16 22:30:33 -0500
committerMaxim Cournoyer <maxim.cournoyer@gmail.com>2021-01-31 22:28:46 -0500
commit26a66d0feaab7626c4053071d5557394931fe14b (patch)
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parent93a628c4e4f4a7f6665190f3c52a417daebaf28a (diff)
build: test-driver.scm: Allow running as a standalone script.
* build-aux/test-driver.scm: Add an exec-based shebang and set the script executable bit. (main): Insert a newline after the version string is printed with --version.
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/build-aux/test-driver.scm b/build-aux/test-driver.scm
index 763ba457d8..ac21783d41 100644..100755
--- a/build-aux/test-driver.scm
+++ b/build-aux/test-driver.scm
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
+exec guile --no-auto-compile -e main -s "$0" "$@"
;;;; test-driver.scm - Guile test driver for Automake testsuite harness
(define script-version "2021-01-26.20") ;UTC
@@ -211,7 +214,7 @@ cases based on their names."
(option (cut option-ref opts <> <>)))
((option 'help #f) (show-help))
- ((option 'version #f) (format #t "test-driver.scm ~A" script-version))
+ ((option 'version #f) (format #t "test-driver.scm ~A~%" script-version))
(let* ((log (and=> (option 'log-file #f) (cut open-file <> "w0")))
(trs (and=> (option 'trs-file #f) (cut open-file <> "wl")))