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news: Add entry for the new 'deb' guix pack format.
* etc/news.scm: Add entry.
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(version 0)
+(entry (commit "82daab42811a2e3c7684ebdf12af75ff0fa67b99")
+ (title
+ (en "New @samp{deb} format for the @command{guix pack} command"))
+ (body
+ (en "Debian archives (with the .deb file extension) can now be
+produced via the @command{guix pack --format=deb} command, providing an
+alternative distribution path for software built with Guix. Here is a simple
+example that generates a Debian archive for the @code{hello} package:
+guix pack --format=deb --symlink=/usr/bin/hello=bin/hello hello
+@end example
+See @command{info \"(guix) Invoking guix pack\"} for more information.")))
(entry (commit "bdc298ecee15283451d3aa20a849dd7bb22c8538")
(en "New @command{guix import egg} command")