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news: Add entry for user account activation vulnerability.
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+ (entry (commit "2161820ebbbab62a5ce76c9101ebaec54dc61586")
+ (title
+ (en "Risk of local privilege escalation during user account creation"))
+ (body
+ (en "A security vulnerability that can lead to local privilege
+escalation has been found in the code that creates user accounts on Guix
+System---Guix on other distros is unaffected. The system is only vulnerable
+during the activation of user accounts that do not already exist.
+The attack can happen when @command{guix system reconfigure} is running.
+Running @command{guix system reconfigure} can trigger the creation of new user
+accounts if the configuration specifies new accounts. If a user whose account
+is being created manages to log in after the account has been created but
+before ``skeleton files'' have been copied to its home directory, they may, by
+creating an appropriately-named symbolic link in the home directory pointing
+to a sensitive file, such as @file{/etc/shadow}, get root privileges.
+See @uref{https://issues.guix.gnu.org/47584} for more information on this
(entry (commit "e52ec6c64a17a99ae4bb6ff02309067499915b06")
(en "New supported platform: powerpc64le-linux")