path: root/.dir-locals.el
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* .dir-locals.el: Specify indentation rule for with-shepherd-action.Maxim Cournoyer2021-08-02
* pack: Add support for the deb format.Maxim Cournoyer2021-06-29
* system: 'init' does not recompute the hash of each store item.Ludovic Courtès2020-12-15
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version-1.2.0' into masterMaxim Cournoyer2020-11-17
| * maint: update-guix-package: Optionally add sources to store.Maxim Cournoyer2020-11-12
* | .dir-locals.el: Add upstream report link.Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas2020-11-16
* | .dir-locals.el: Use setq-local on guix-directory.Christopher Lemmer Webber2020-11-16
* | .dir-locals.el: Prevent errors if .dir-locals.el isn't found.Christopher Lemmer Webber2020-11-16
* .dir-locals.el: Require cl-lib at runtime.Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas2020-11-01
* .dir-locals.el: Automatically set the GEISER-GUILE-LOAD-PATH variable.Maxim Cournoyer2020-10-31
* maint: update-guix-package: Prevent accidentally breaking guix pull.Maxim Cournoyer2020-10-19
* deduplication: pass store directory to replace-with-link.Caleb Ristvedt2020-09-14
* .dir-locals.el: fix call-with-{retrying-}transaction indenting.Caleb Ristvedt2020-09-14
* .dir-locals.el: Add indentation rule for 'package/inherit'.Ludovic Courtès2020-08-26
* deduplication: Use 'dynamic-wind' when changing permissions of the parent.Ludovic Courtès2020-06-25
* channels: 'latest-channel-instance' authenticates Git checkouts.Ludovic Courtès2020-06-16
* database: separate transaction-handling and retry-handling.Caleb Ristvedt2020-06-10
* database: ensure update-or-insert is run within a transactionCaleb Ristvedt2020-06-10
* database: rewrite query procedures in terms of with-statement.Caleb Ristvedt2020-06-10
* ui: 'display-search-results' automatically invokes the pager.Ludovic Courtès2020-06-06
* git-authenticate: Add tests.Ludovic Courtès2020-06-05
* gexp: Add 'let-system'.Ludovic Courtès2020-05-16
* store: Add 'with-build-handler'.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-22
* gexp: Add 'with-parameters'.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-12
* ui: Factorize 'with-profile-lock'.Ludovic Courtès2019-11-29
* pull: Acquire a lock for the target profile.Ludovic Courtès2019-11-19
* git: Add 'commit-difference'.Ludovic Courtès2019-09-23
* syscalls: Add 'with-file-lock' macro.Ludovic Courtès2019-06-05
* publish: Add support for lzip.Ludovic Courtès2019-05-27
* database: Make 'register-items' transactional.Caleb Ristvedt2019-03-07
* status: Add 'with-status-verbosity'.Ludovic Courtès2019-01-11
* tests: Run 'guix pack' tests using the external store.Ludovic Courtès2018-10-19
* Add (guix status) and use it for pretty colored output.Ludovic Courtès2018-09-27
* Add (gnu store database).Caleb Ristvedt2018-06-01
* gexp: Add 'with-extensions'.Ludovic Courtès2018-06-01
* services: guix: Add 'log-compression' option.Ludovic Courtès2018-01-08
* weather: Use (guix progress) for progress report.Ludovic Courtès2017-12-01
* union: Gracefully handle dangling symlinks in the input.Ludovic Courtès2017-05-18
* dir-locals.el: Add 'modify-phases' keywords.Alex Kost2017-05-04
* Add (guix workers).Ludovic Courtès2017-04-18
* Add (guix memoization).Ludovic Courtès2017-01-28
* Set Emacs config variable sentence-end-double-space.Hartmut Goebel2016-10-04
* Add (guix zlib).Ludovic Courtès2016-07-19
* gexp: Add 'with-imported-modules' macro.Ludovic Courtès2016-07-12
* services: Add 'modify-services'.Ludovic Courtès2015-10-28
* gnu: build: Add Linux container module.David Thompson2015-07-09
* store: Add 'verify-store' RPC.Ludovic Courtès2015-06-06
* ui: Auto-compile user code, and improve error reporting.Ludovic Courtès2015-05-25
* profiles: Generate an 'etc/profile' file.Ludovic Courtès2015-05-06
* utils: Add 'modify-phases'.Ludovic Courtès2015-02-26