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* | | | | | build: Cap build parallelism on i686.Ludovic Courtès2020-04-12
| |_|_|_|/ |/| | | |
* | | | | build-self: Avoid call to 'show-what-to-build*' on modern Guix.Ludovic Courtès2020-04-06
| |_|_|/ |/| | |
* | | | Update email address and Savannah handle for Amin Bandali.Amin Bandali2020-03-28
| |_|/ |/| |
* | | Remove workaround for 'time-monotonic' in Guile 2.2.2.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-22
* | | hydra: evaluate: Use 'with-build-handler'.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-22
| |/ |/|
* | build-self: Import (ice-9 threads) in the compute-guix-derivation script.Marius Bakke2020-03-19
* maint: Add 'etc/release-manifest.scm'.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-13
* git-authenticate: Add roelj's new key.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-09
* hydra: Remove uses of _IOLBF.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-05
* tests: Add a manifest for system tests.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-05
* tests: "make check-system" includes the current commit ID, if any.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-05
* tests: "make check-system" no longer interns source upfront.Ludovic Courtès2020-03-05
* git-authenticate: Remove duplicate entry.Ludovic Courtès2020-02-26
* git-authenticate: Add sub-key for thomasd.Ludovic Courtès2020-02-26
* git-authenticate: Store the sub-key fingerprint of mab.Ludovic Courtès2020-02-22
* build-self: Show wider backtraces.Ludovic Courtès2020-02-20
* git-authenticate: Add niedzejkob to the list of committers.Ludovic Courtès2020-02-13
* git-authenticate: Add mab to the list of committers.Ludovic Courtès2020-02-11
* git-authenticate: Add roptat's new key.Ludovic Courtès2020-01-27
* git-authenticate: Adjust atheia's key info.Ludovic Courtès2020-01-17
* git-authenticate: Add new key for atheia.Ludovic Courtès2020-01-17
* git-authenticate: Add daviwil to the list of committers.Ludovic Courtès2020-01-08
* git-authenticate: Add glv to the list of committers.Ludovic Courtès2019-12-29
* git-authenticate: Keep a local cache of previously-authenticated commits.Ludovic Courtès2019-12-27
* Add 'build-aux/git-authenticate.scm'.Ludovic Courtès2019-12-27
* ci: Make sure the Guix checkout is the one providing Cuirass proc.Clément Lassieur2019-12-01
* tests: "make check-system" uses Guix built with (guix self).Ludovic Courtès2019-11-13
* build: Remove references to 'NIX_LOCALSTATE_DIR'.Ludovic Courtès2019-10-16
* daemon: Remove traces of 'NIX_ROOT_FINDER'.Ludovic Courtès2019-10-16
* daemon: Remove 'NIX_LIBEXEC_DIR'.Ludovic Courtès2019-09-08
* daemon: Run 'guix offload' directly.Ludovic Courtès2019-09-08
* daemon: Invoke 'guix gc --list-busy' instead of 'list-runtime-roots'.Ludovic Courtès2019-09-08
* Use more guix.gnu.org.Tobias Geerinckx-Rice2019-07-16
* build: Report build errors via 'report-load-error'.Ludovic Courtès2019-06-25
* maint: update-NEWS: Track "gcc-toolchain", not "gcc".Ludovic Courtès2019-05-20
* maint: 'check-available-binaries' checks for more packages.Ludovic Courtès2019-05-16
* build-self: Let HOME pass through the execution environment.Ludovic Courtès2019-05-12
* Revert "build-self: Let HOME pass through the execution environment."Tobias Geerinckx-Rice2019-05-11
* build-self: Let HOME pass through the execution environment.Ludovic Courtès2019-05-11
* build-self: Explain why we keep using deprecated bindings.Ludovic Courtès2019-04-23
* Revert "build-self: Avoid deprecated bindings."Ludovic Courtès2019-04-23
* build-self: Avoid deprecated bindings.Mark H Weaver2019-04-22
* build: Show completion percentage while building.Ludovic Courtès2019-04-19
* self: Remove unused variable.Ludovic Courtès2019-04-17
* build-self: Disable position recording.Ludovic Courtès2019-03-26
* Avoid name clash with 'build' from (guix store) and (guix status).Ludovic Courtès2019-02-11
* daemon: Add "/guix" to default 'nixLibexecDir'.Ludovic Courtès2019-02-04
* daemon: Remove the 'NIX_SUBSTITUTERS' environment variable.Ludovic Courtès2019-02-04
* daemon: Rename 'NIX_STATE_DIR' and 'NIX_DB_DIR' environment variables.Ludovic Courtès2019-02-04
* store: Rename '&nix-error' to '&store-error'.Ludovic Courtès2019-01-21