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* Use 'formatted-message' instead of '&message' where appropriate.Ludovic Courtès2020-07-25
* utils: Move '&fix-hint' to (guix diagnostics).Ludovic Courtès2020-07-25
* utils: Move <location> and '&error-location' to (guix diagnostics).Ludovic Courtès2020-07-25
* Add (gnu system keyboard).Ludovic Courtès2019-03-24
* gnu: Improve error reporting of the use-.*modules macros.Ludovic Courtès2017-11-08
* bootloader: Add extlinux support.Mathieu Othacehe2017-05-16
* system: Add (gnu system mapped-devices).Ludovic Courtès2016-04-18
* system: Rename (gnu system linux) to (gnu system pam).Ludovic Courtès2015-11-03
* system: Add bindings to configure libc's NSS.Ludovic Courtès2015-02-04
* gnu: Add convenience macros to make module imports more concise.Joshua S. Grant2015-01-22
* Have (gnu) re-export (guix gexp).Ludovic Courtès2014-09-09
* Add (gnu) module.Ludovic Courtès2014-05-22