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* Add powerpc64le-linux as a supported Guix architecture.Chris Marusich2021-03-23
* maint: Check whether Guile-zlib is recent enough.Ludovic Courtès2021-03-17
* build: Add '--with-channel-commit' and related configure flags.Ludovic Courtès2021-02-04
* maint: Avoid macros obsolete in Autoconf 2.70.Ludovic Courtès2020-12-11
* git: Require Guile-Git 0.3.0 or later.Ludovic Courtès2020-10-22
* Remove (guix json) and require Guile-JSON 4.3.0+.Ludovic Courtès2020-09-08
* build: Remove check for Guile 2.2.1 bug.Ludovic Courtès2020-08-29
* Use "guile-zlib" and "guile-lzlib" instead of (guix config).Mathieu Othacehe2020-08-24
* ssh: Speed up RPCs by using #:nodelay.Lars-Dominik Braun2020-07-20
* doc: Remove explicit support for mips64el-linux.Efraim Flashner2020-05-28
* maint: Check whether Guile-Gcrypt is recent enough.Ludovic Courtès2020-05-28
* build: Depend on guile-ssh 0.12.0Lars-Dominik Braun2020-02-22
* build: 'GUIX_CHECK_GUILE_JSON' really checks for Guile-JSON 3.x.Ludovic Courtès2019-08-17
* maint: Switch to Guile-JSON 3.x.Ludovic Courtès2019-07-25
* Add (guix lzlib).Pierre Neidhardt2019-05-06
* Update Guile-SQLite3 URL everywhere.Ludovic Courtès2018-11-23
* Switch to Guile-Gcrypt.Ludovic Courtès2018-09-04
* build: Check for Guile-SQLite3.Ludovic Courtès2018-06-01
* build: Require Guile >= 2.0.13.Ludovic Courtès2018-02-26
* build: Detect broken 'equal?' in Guile 2.2.1.Ludovic Courtès2018-01-06
* build: Remove check for broken (srfi srfi-37).Ludovic Courtès2017-06-30
* gnu: Add bootstrap-binaries for 'aarch64-linux'.Efraim Flashner2017-02-20
* offload: Use Guile-SSH instead of GNU lsh.Ludovic Courtès2016-11-25
* build: Correctly determine the system type for GNU/Hurd systems.Manolis Ragkousis2016-08-10
* Merge branch 'master' into core-updatesLudovic Courtès2016-07-20
| * Add (guix zlib).Ludovic Courtès2016-07-19
* | build: Remove unneeded conditionals for (guix build syscalls).Manolis Ragkousis2016-06-23
* build: Protect against misconfiguration of localstatedir.Ludovic Courtès2016-03-19
* build: Use 127 as the Linux hash-bang limit.Ludovic Courtès2016-01-13
* build: 'make check' errors out if file name limits would be hit.Ludovic Courtès2016-01-12
* build: Warn against long hash bang lines for tests.Ludovic Courtès2016-01-12
* build: Fix detection of ARM systems.Ludovic Courtès2015-12-01
* build: Reject ARMv6 systems.Ludovic Courtès2015-11-25
* build: Fix libgcrypt detection on FHS systems.Ludovic Courtès2015-10-09
* build: Automatically determine libgcrypt's file name.Ludovic Courtès2015-10-06
* build: Do not build (guix build syscalls) if 'mount' is missing from libc.Ludovic Courtès2015-08-27
* build: Make sure $CXX supports C++11.Ludovic Courtès2015-05-19
* build: Reject or warn against file name length limit overruns.Ludovic Courtès2015-02-24
* gnu: Add bootstrap binaries for 'armhf-linux'.Mark H Weaver2015-01-07
* Add 'guix offload' as a daemon build hook.Ludovic Courtès2014-01-24
* Add mips64el-linux to the list of supported systems.Mark H Weaver2013-11-03
* build: Provide a replacement (srfi srfi-37) when the user's one is broken.Ludovic Courtès2013-07-17
* build: Bail out on unsupported platforms; add `--with-courage'.Ludovic Courtès2013-07-05
* build: Correctly determine the system type for non-Linux systems.Ludovic Courtès2013-07-05
* build: Make sure the user's Guile has all the required features.Ludovic Courtès2013-05-10
* build: Print the Guix system type.Ludovic Courtès2013-01-10
* Update a few more license headers.Ludovic Courtès2013-01-06
* build: Capture configure-time settings in (guix config).Ludovic Courtès2012-12-06
* build: Include a copy of Nix's libstore and daemon; build it.Ludovic Courtès2012-12-03
* build: Require GNU libgcrypt.Ludovic Courtès2012-11-03