#+TITLE: jblis.xyz operations

This repository contains everything necessary for hosting jblis.xyz.

jblis.xyz is a provider of digital services for friends and family inspired by [[https://riseup.net/][riseup.net]], [[http://disroot.org/][disroot.org]] and [[https://www.immerda.ch/][immerda.ch]].

Things we would like to host on jblis.xyz:

- XMPP messaging service (currently testing)
- Music sharing service. Love Music, hate fascism.

* Repository structure
** [[./assets][Assets]]

Contains things like the TOR hidden service keys and other assets.

Secrets are encrypted using [[https://github.com/AGWA/git-crypt][git-crypt]].

** [[./machines][Machines]]

The servers that make jblis.xyz run.

** [[./utils][Utils]]

Tools and utilities for managing jblis.xyz (e.g. tool for adding new user to LDAP).

* Ideas
** Biboumi IRC bridge

Use [[https://biboumi.louiz.org/][biboumi]] as an XMPP-IRC bridge.

** Mumble

For voice conferences.

** Funkwhale

Revive the last.fm days...

** Mokum

A web UI for users to change password, create invites, etc..

** Member information site

Password protect some internal documents by authentication to LDAP.

This could work with Nginx + Lua (see for example: https://gist.github.com/crisidev/3d314af9494255e24aa5f78646909ec0).