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* web-demo: Add libsodium to dependenciespukkamustard2021-04-08
* remove duck-rabit.pngpukkamustard2021-04-07
* bye bye IPFSpukkamustard2021-04-07
* reuse initpukkamustard2021-04-07
* Update implementation to ERIS v0.2.0pukkamustard2021-04-07
* web-demo: improve aboutpukkamustard2020-06-11
* build web-demo as GitLab pagespukkamustard2020-06-11
* web-demo: ipfs (kinda)pukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: verify capabilitypukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: success indicatorpukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: ability to remove and randomize blockspukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: nicer error handlingpukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: decode contentpukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: alice-in-wonderland as sample datapukkamustard2020-06-10
* web-demo: add Readmepukkamustard2020-06-09
* web-demo: small fixespukkamustard2020-06-09
* web-demo: JSON-LD sample datapukkamustard2020-06-09
* web-demo: parse RDF and bring in canonical formpukkamustard2020-06-09
* initial web demopukkamustard2020-06-09
* add IPFS examplepukkamustard2020-06-07