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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+ <meta charset="utf-8"/>
+ <style>
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+<table class="head">
+ <tr>
+ <td class="head-ltitle">CRYPTO_KEY_EXCHANGE(3MONOCYPHER)</td>
+ <td class="head-vol">3MONOCYPHER</td>
+ <td class="head-rtitle">CRYPTO_KEY_EXCHANGE(3MONOCYPHER)</td>
+ </tr>
+<div class="manual-text">
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="NAME"><a class="selflink" href="#NAME">NAME</a></h1>
+<b class="Nm" title="Nm">crypto_key_exchange</b>,
+ <b class="Nm" title="Nm">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b> &#x2014;
+ <span class="Nd" title="Nd">Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange</span>
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="SYNOPSIS"><a class="selflink" href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a></h1>
+<b class="In" title="In">#include
+ &lt;<a class="In" title="In">monocypher.h</a>&gt;</b>
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<var class="Ft" title="Ft">void</var>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange</b>(<var class="Fa" title="Fa">uint8_t
+ shared_key[32]</var>, <var class="Fa" title="Fa">const uint8_t
+ your_secret_key[32]</var>, <var class="Fa" title="Fa">const uint8_t
+ their_public_key[32]</var>);
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<var class="Ft" title="Ft">void</var>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b>(<var class="Fa" title="Fa">uint8_t
+ your_public_key[32]</var>, <var class="Fa" title="Fa">const uint8_t
+ your_secret_key[32]</var>);
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="DESCRIPTION"><a class="selflink" href="#DESCRIPTION">DESCRIPTION</a></h1>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange</b>() computes a shared key with
+ your secret key and their public key.
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b>() deterministically
+ computes the public key from a random secret key.
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+The arguments are:
+<dl class="Bl-tag">
+ <dt class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag"><var class="Fa" title="Fa">shared_key</var></dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">The shared secret, known only to those who know a relevant
+ secret key (yours or theirs). It is cryptographically random, and suitable
+ for use with the
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_lock.html">crypto_lock(3monocypher)</a>
+ family of functions.</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag"><var class="Fa" title="Fa">your_secret_key</var></dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">A 32-byte random number, known only to you. See
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="intro.html">intro(3monocypher)</a> for
+ advice about generating random bytes (use the operating system's random
+ number generator).</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag"><var class="Fa" title="Fa">their_public_key</var></dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">The public key of the other party.</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">&#x00A0;</dd>
+ <dt class="It-tag"><var class="Fa" title="Fa">your_public_key</var></dt>
+ <dd class="It-tag">Your public key, generated from
+ <var class="Fa" title="Fa">your_secret_key</var> with
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b>().</dd>
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<var class="Fa" title="Fa">shared_key</var> and
+ <var class="Fa" title="Fa">your_secret_key</var> may overlap if the secret is
+ no longer required.
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+Some poorly designed protocols require to test for &#x201C;contributory&#x201D;
+ behaviour, which ensures that no untrusted party forces the shared secret to a
+ known constant. Protocols should instead be designed in such a way that no
+ such check is necessary, namely by authenticating the other party or
+ exchanging keys over a trusted channel.
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+Do not use the same secret key for both key exchanges and signatures. The public
+ keys are different, and revealing both may leak information. If there really
+ is no room to store or derive two different secret keys, consider generating a
+ key pair for signatures and then converting it with
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_from_eddsa_private.html">crypto_from_eddsa_private(3monocypher)</a>
+ and
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_from_eddsa_public.html">crypto_from_eddsa_public(3monocypher)</a>.
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="RETURN_VALUES"><a class="selflink" href="#RETURN_VALUES">RETURN
+ VALUES</a></h1>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange</b>() and
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b>() return nothing.
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="EXAMPLES"><a class="selflink" href="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES</a></h1>
+The following examples assume the existence of
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">arc4random_buf</b>(), which fills the given buffer
+ with cryptographically secure random bytes. If
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">arc4random_buf</b>() does not exist on your system,
+ see <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="intro.html">intro(3monocypher)</a> for
+ advice about how to generate cryptographically secure random bytes.
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+Generate a public key from a randomly generated secret key:
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<div class="Bd" style="margin-left: 5.00ex;">
+<pre class="Li">
+uint8_t sk[32]; /* Random secret key */
+uint8_t pk[32]; /* Public key */
+arc4random_buf(sk, 32);
+crypto_key_exchange_public_key(pk, sk);
+/* Wipe secrets if they are no longer needed */
+crypto_wipe(sk, 32);
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+Generate a shared, symmetric key with your secret key and their public key. (The
+ other party will generate the same shared key with your public key and their
+ secret key.)
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<div class="Bd" style="margin-left: 5.00ex;">
+<pre class="Li">
+const uint8_t their_pk [32]; /* Their public key */
+uint8_t your_sk [32]; /* Your secret key */
+uint8_t shared_key[32]; /* Shared session key */
+crypto_key_exchange(shared_key, your_sk, their_pk);
+/* Wipe secrets if they are no longer needed */
+crypto_wipe(your_sk, 32);
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="SEE_ALSO"><a class="selflink" href="#SEE_ALSO">SEE
+ ALSO</a></h1>
+<a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_lock.html">crypto_lock(3monocypher)</a>,
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="intro.html">intro(3monocypher)</a>
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="STANDARDS"><a class="selflink" href="#STANDARDS">STANDARDS</a></h1>
+These functions implement X25519, described in RFC 7748.
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange</b>() uses HChacha20 as well.
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="HISTORY"><a class="selflink" href="#HISTORY">HISTORY</a></h1>
+The <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange</b>() function first appeared
+ in Monocypher 0.2. The
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b>() macro alias
+ first appeared in Monocypher 1.1.0.
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="SECURITY_CONSIDERATIONS"><a class="selflink" href="#SECURITY_CONSIDERATIONS">SECURITY
+If either of the long term secret keys leaks, it may compromise
+ <i class="Em" title="Em">all past messages</i>. This can be avoided by using
+ protocols that provide forward secrecy, such as the X3DH key agreement
+ protocol.
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="IMPLEMENTATION_DETAILS"><a class="selflink" href="#IMPLEMENTATION_DETAILS">IMPLEMENTATION
+ DETAILS</a></h1>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_key_exchange_public_key</b>() is an alias to
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_x25519_public_key.html">crypto_x25519_public_key(3monocypher)</a>.</div>
+<table class="foot">
+ <tr>
+ <td class="foot-date">March 31, 2020</td>
+ <td class="foot-os">Linux 4.15.0-106-generic</td>
+ </tr>