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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+ <meta charset="utf-8"/>
+ <style>
+ table.head, table.foot { width: 100%; }
+ td.head-rtitle, td.foot-os { text-align: right; }
+ td.head-vol { text-align: center; }
+ div.Pp { margin: 1ex 0ex; }
+ </style>
+ <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" media="all"/>
+<table class="head">
+ <tr>
+ <td class="head-ltitle">CRYPTO_MEMCMP(3MONOCYPHER)</td>
+ <td class="head-vol">3MONOCYPHER</td>
+ <td class="head-rtitle">CRYPTO_MEMCMP(3MONOCYPHER)</td>
+ </tr>
+<div class="manual-text">
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="NAME"><a class="selflink" href="#NAME">NAME</a></h1>
+<b class="Nm" title="Nm">crypto_memcmp</b>,
+ <b class="Nm" title="Nm">crypto_zerocmp</b> &#x2014;
+ <span class="Nd" title="Nd">deprecated timing-safe data comparisons</span>
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="SYNOPSIS"><a class="selflink" href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a></h1>
+<b class="In" title="In">#include
+ &lt;<a class="In" title="In">monocypher.h</a>&gt;</b>
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<var class="Ft" title="Ft">int</var>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_memcmp</b>(<var class="Fa" title="Fa">const
+ uint8_t *p1</var>, <var class="Fa" title="Fa">const uint8_t *p2</var>,
+ <var class="Fa" title="Fa">size_t n</var>);
+<div class="Pp"></div>
+<var class="Ft" title="Ft">int</var>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_zerocmp</b>(<var class="Fa" title="Fa">const
+ uint8_t *p</var>, <var class="Fa" title="Fa">size_t n</var>);
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="DESCRIPTION"><a class="selflink" href="#DESCRIPTION">DESCRIPTION</a></h1>
+<b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_memcmp</b>() and
+ <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_zerocmp</b>() were meant to provide
+ timing-safe data comparison. They have been removed from Monocypher because
+ they could not uphold those guarantees when compiled with
+ <b class="Fl" title="Fl">-O3</b> on common compilers. Use
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_verify16.html">crypto_verify16(3monocypher)</a>,
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_verify32.html">crypto_verify32(3monocypher)</a>
+ and
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_verify64.html">crypto_verify64(3monocypher)</a>
+ instead.
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="SEE_ALSO"><a class="selflink" href="#SEE_ALSO">SEE
+ ALSO</a></h1>
+<a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="crypto_verify16.html">crypto_verify16(3monocypher)</a>,
+ <a class="Xr" title="Xr" href="intro.html">intro(3monocypher)</a>
+<h1 class="Sh" title="Sh" id="HISTORY"><a class="selflink" href="#HISTORY">HISTORY</a></h1>
+The <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_memcmp</b>() function first appeared in
+ Monocypher 0.1. <b class="Fn" title="Fn">crypto_zerocmp</b>() was introduced
+ in Monocypher 0.6. These functions were removed in Monocypher 1.1.0.</div>
+<table class="foot">
+ <tr>
+ <td class="foot-date">December 28, 2017</td>
+ <td class="foot-os">Linux 4.15.0-65-generic</td>
+ </tr>