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* Use OCaml standard C flags when compiling Monocypherpukkamustard14 days
* test: Add example from RFC 7693 (Blake2b)pukkamustard14 days
* vendor: Update to Monocypher 3.1.3pukkamustard2022-06-14
* Use dune ctypes stanzapukkamustard2022-06-14
* vendor/dune: Use dune foreign_stubs stanzapukkamustard2022-06-14
* Relicense as CC0-1.0 and BSD-2-Clausepukkamustard2022-06-14
* only vendor the Monocypher C files (not documentation et. al)pukkamustard2021-02-11
* initial working commitpukkamustard2021-02-05