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* Remove files in bin, they were only for testing purposes and are replace by t...arie2021-06-29
* Rdf turtle tests.arie2021-06-29
* Add turtle tests. Almost done, some small strange behavior with literal.arie2021-06-29
* Rdf-turtle test:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtle lib/parser.ml: Add a remark about parsers and how to improve them.arie2021-06-28
* Include multiple quotes for the literal parser.arie2021-06-28
* Include a lot of turtle strings in bin/main.ml, and I checked whetherarie2021-06-28
* Cleaned up some code, changed a few names. Added a test function inarie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle: add initial encodepukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Graph: add to_nested_seqpukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle: Add missing bnode_counter to context initialization in decodepukkamustard2021-06-28
* Add decode functionarie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle: Use a bnode_counter to create new blank nodes while parsingpukkamustard2021-06-28
* Some small changesarie2021-06-28
* Rdf core:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtlearie2021-06-28
* Some reorganisation of the tests, improve pp functionsarie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtlearie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtlearie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtle test:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtle tests:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtle testsarie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtlearie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtle:AlleyCat2021-06-28
* Small change in predobjs parserarie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf turtle testsarie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle testarie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtle tests:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf-turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf_turtle:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf_fragment_graph: Fix compare and make equality checks much more efficient.pukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf_alcotest: add graph to interfacepukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf_alcotest: add testable for Rdf.Graphpukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Term: Fix compare.pukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Graph: change argument order for mutating functionspukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Graph: add `equal` functionpukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf_fragment_graph: Expose the `expand` functions.pukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf_fragment_graph: Add Namespace to signature in implementation...pukkamustard2021-06-24
* Rdf_fragment_graph: Add namespace helpers.pukkamustard2021-06-24
* Merge branch 'graph' into 'main'pukkamustard2021-06-22
| * Rdf_fragment_graph: Add of_triples function.pukkamustard2021-06-22
| * Rdf_fragment_graph: Reimplement using standard library Map and Set.pukkamustard2021-06-22
| * Rdf.Graph: Reimplement with Map from the standard librarypukkamustard2021-06-21
* Readme: Update Guix instructions.pukkamustard2021-06-13