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* Rdf_fragment_graph: Reimplement using standard library Map and Set.pukkamustard2021-06-22
* guix: Update ocaml-cbor.pukkamustard2021-06-11
* Rdf.Graph: A data structure for RDF graphs.pukkamustard2021-06-07
* Rdf_datalog: Remove library.pukkamustard2021-06-07
* Rdf: Add pretty printers to core types.pukkamustard2021-05-17
* Rdf_datalog: Initial Datalog interface and implementationpukkamustard2021-04-29
* guix.scm: Update ocaml-cbor for bugfixpukkamustard2021-04-26
* Change module names from ALL CAPS back to OCaml convention.pukkamustard2021-04-23
* guix.scm: Add ocaml-cbor and ocaml-datalog as inputspukkamustard2021-04-23
* guix.scm: Add ocaml-yojsonpukkamustard2021-04-22
* Rdf.Iri: Alias for Uri from ocaml-uri.pukkamustard2021-04-14
* initial commitpukkamustard2021-04-08