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* Rdf.{Description,Graph}: add functional_predicatepukkamustard2022-01-21
* Rdf.Graph: Add collection for reading an RDF collection. This waspukkamustard2021-12-10
* Rdf.Graph: Use common datastructures from Rdf.Descriptionpukkamustard2021-12-09
* *: run `dune build @fmt --auto-promote`pukkamustard2021-11-25
* *: Add SPDX copyright headers for OCaml filespukkamustard2021-11-19
* Add turtle tests. Almost done, some small strange behavior with literal.arie2021-06-29
* Rdf.Graph: add to_nested_seqpukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf core:arie2021-06-28
* Rdf.Term: Fix compare.pukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Graph: change argument order for mutating functionspukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Graph: add `equal` functionpukkamustard2021-06-28
* Rdf.Graph: Reimplement with Map from the standard librarypukkamustard2021-06-21
* Rdf.Graph: A data structure for RDF graphs.pukkamustard2021-06-07